The fear and doubt are some of the human weaknesses. They can cause failure – in our love life, our daily life and our dreams to come true.

How to create positive mental attitude that we can use and apply not only for business purposes but also for our daily life as well - regardless of professions, affiliations and life styles?

There are three reasons why most people failed from doing business and from other things they do such as:
  • fear from rejection
  • fear to fail
  • fear from nothing.
To create positive mental attitude - a person should work hard to overcome Fear and Doubt by doing the following:
  • change his attitude – from negative to positive thinking
  • he has to adapt good learning attitude
  • have strong belief of himself  
  • should adapt the 100% level of commitment  
  • he should focus on his goals with enthusiasm and
  • he should be prepared for discouragement
In business - it does not promise him success unless he does his home works and hard works. There must be labor before the reward. He should plant before he can harvest. He will sow tears first before he can reap joy!

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