Networking is a place for people who want to learn the real world skills of an entrepreneur, rather than the skills of an employee who wants to become a highly paid mid-level manager in the corporate world. Networking is really a business school that teaches values not found in traditional business schools. Values such as the best way is to teach yourself and other people to become business owners than teach them to be a loyal employee working for the rich and big companies.

From Robert T. Kiyosaki, I learned that in Networking there are values that if adapted and applied to ourselves, they can help outline a better tomorrow.

In his book, he highlighted the Eleven Values such as:

  • In Networking has True Equal Opportunity.
  • Has a Life-Changing Business Education.
  • There are Friends Who Will Pull You Up.
  • To Learn to Value of a Network.
  • It Helps Develop Your Most Important Business Skills.
  • The Value of Leadership.
  • The Value of Not Working for Money.
  • To Live with Your Dreams and Make Them Come True.
  • The Value of Marriage and Business
  • The Value of Family that Work Together with The Same Goal.
  • And the Value of How You can Lower Your Annual Taxes Legally.

Robert T. Kiyosaki also emphasized the beauty of Networking. He said, “One of the beauties of networking is that it gives you the opportunity to face your fears, deal with your fears, overcome your fears and let the winner in you win.”

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First of all, consider the following questions, answer them with sincerity. They will help you layout your decision.
  • Would you like to stay healthy and own your own business?
  • Would you like to learn to earn extra income in your free time?
  • Would you like to help others to be healthy…to be wealthy?
  • Would you like a career with flexible hours?
  • Would you like a position with unlimited earning potential?
  • Would you like to learn new skills and be more confident?
  • Would you like to build financial security and be your own boss?
  • Would you like to have freedom to make choices? If you answered “yes” to all of the above questions, your next move is to familiarize about the business.
What is Network Marketing?

It is a direct distribution of information, products and services by individual distributors through a word-of-mouth marketing strategy. In other words, it is about people telling people about a great idea or about the products or services.

Principles of Network Marketing: Consider the following and study them in depth.

  • I would rather take 1% from the effort of 100 persons, rather that 100% of my own effort.
  • Help others get what they want to get what you want.
  • In MLM business, you have to adapt the secret of the rich people through leveraging of your time to other people.

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Anyone who plans to venture business should possess the knowledge on how to manage his money and other resources. He has to learn and improve his financial intelligence on how tomaking more money, protecting his money, budgeting his money, leveraging his money and to improving his financial information.

Making More Money – is all about spending less than what you earned.

Mr. Robert T. Kiyosaki’s advised, “If you want to become rich you need to find the way to become rich that best works for you.” In his book entitled “The Business School – For People Who Like Helping People” he mentioned Eleven (11) Other Ways To Become Rich. He said, “Because so many people do not have adequate financial knowledge, they come up with many interesting ways to become rich such as:
  • By marrying someone for his or her money
  • By being a crook
  • By being greedy
  • By being cheap
  • Via hard work
  • By being exceptionally smart, talented, attractive or gifted
  • By being lucky
  • By inheriting money
  • By investing
  • By building a business
  • By building a network marketing

Protecting Your Money – a businessman or any person should know who are the predators of his money. I mentioned some here and they are:
  • Bureaucratic
  • Bankers
  • Brokers
  • Business
  • Barristers
  • Brothers-in-law.

Take note of them. They will suck your savings.

Budgeting Your Money – budgeting is a plan for consideration of resources and expenditures. Here you will learn to differentiate budget deficit from budget surplus.
  • Budget Deficit is the excess of expenses made by an individual over his income.
  • Budget Surplus is the excess of income of an individual over his expenses.

Leveraging Your Money – leverage means is doing more with less spending. This is the secret of the rich people. The answer why the rich people had become richer, which is in fact can be duplicated by any person who has the interest to do the same trend of business. They are leveraging their money and time through other people.

Improve Your Financial Information – it is everyone’s right to discover new trends of knowledge on how to improve his financial information. By reading books, attending seminars on financial education and surfing the net are some of the many ways to improving your financial intelligence.

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The fear and doubt are some of the human weaknesses. They can cause failure – in our love life, our daily life and our dreams to come true.

How to create positive mental attitude that we can use and apply not only for business purposes but also for our daily life as well - regardless of professions, affiliations and life styles?

There are three reasons why most people failed from doing business and from other things they do such as:
  • fear from rejection
  • fear to fail
  • fear from nothing.
To create positive mental attitude - a person should work hard to overcome Fear and Doubt by doing the following:
  • change his attitude – from negative to positive thinking
  • he has to adapt good learning attitude
  • have strong belief of himself  
  • should adapt the 100% level of commitment  
  • he should focus on his goals with enthusiasm and
  • he should be prepared for discouragement
In business - it does not promise him success unless he does his home works and hard works. There must be labor before the reward. He should plant before he can harvest. He will sow tears first before he can reap joy!

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Financial planner are usually connected with financial institutions that promote their own products. These planners also concentrate on individuals with high net worth. Francisco J. Colayco advised that for the ordinary income earner, there is no immediate need for a formal financial planner. It is better that he first understand the basic financial principles. Then, he can make his initial financial plan before asking advice from these financial planners. In this way, he better understand the products that they will offer him.

The author of the book Making Your Money Work, Francisco J. Colayco defines financial planneras a person or someone who can give you advice on matters related to saving, investing, taxes, insurance, household money management, real property management and retirement.
What products or services a financial planner offers to his clients? A planner should be able to help his clients do the following:
  • He prepares their statement of assets and liabilities.
  • He makes a budget so that they live only within their chosen lifestyle and follow the principle of: Income minus Savings equals expenses.
  • He allocates their assets to ensure a diverse investment portfolio.
  • He ensures that they have sufficient insurance for themselves, their families and their properties.
  • He keeps his clients taxes payments at the lowest cost within the law.
  • He plans for their children education and their retirement.
  • He helps them prepare legal documentations to protect their financial interests while they are living.
  • And he prepares a plan for their heirs in the event of their deaths.

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